[Notice] ShadowMU is back online! 22 July 2016

ShadowMU is back online!

Information about game-play:
- each online character receive 1,000 zen every 5 seconds.
- hunting monsters gives bonus zen. The minimum amount of zen given by a monster is 500 and the maximum depends on the items the character use. Hunting high level monsters gives you a minimum bonus of 1500 zen.
- hunting monsters may give you bonus shopping points (5% chance). The amount is random between 1 and 200 shopping points (30% coins and 70% goblin points).
- reset's cost is 500,000 zen and it increases for each reset being capped at 1,000,000 zen.
- first 25 resets will give you stats points for each level while 26+ resets will give you ONLY goblin points that can be used to buy items.
- there is a new command /statsreset that will reset your stats to defaults (preserving extra points) so you can improve your stats build over time. For now this command is free for usage (in future it will cost a decent amount of zen).

Launch Events:
- first 3 characters to reach 1 reset will be awarded 1,000 shopping coins and 5,000,000 zen.
- first 3 characters to reach 26 resets will be awarded 3,000 shopping coins, 5,000 goblin points and 13,000,000 zen.

If we receive a good feedback regarding this unique game-play style and the active players base will be big enough there will be a new unique duel system (not replacing the old one) based on divisions and Castle Siege event will be activated.

No matter what will happen in the future with this server I want to say thank you to everyone for being part of one of the oldest private server that is still active today!

Good luck everyone and have fun!

[Notice] Registration opened 21 July 2016

Registration is now opened! All accounts registered in the next 24 hours will receive shopping points bonus - 3000 coins and 3000 goblin points which can be spent in X-Shop to buy items and boosts.

Registration link: http://shadow-mu.com/myaccount/register

Server's opening will be tomorrow at the same hour, more details about upcoming events will be specified tomorrow.

[Notice] Keep your personal information safe! 21 September 2015

!!! WARNING !!!
If you ever told your password to anyone PLEASE CHANGE IT NOW. Your password should be A SECRET! Staff members DON'T need your password!
If a staff member asks you for your password please REPORT IT!
We will not restore any account if you shared you password! Trust me that we have logs for everything happening in the game and on website.

[Notice] Illegal transactions 12 September 2015

Please notice that we don't allow selling anything related to ShadowMU for real money! Buying or selling for real money will lead to PERMANENT ACCOUNT BAN for BOTH SELLER AND BUYER. Auxiliary accounts will be banned too. If you got information about that kind of transactions please report them!